Rating: 4.0

Operator: Unknown

Country: Unknown

Language: English

Start: 2021

Total Payouts: 2

Referral: 25%

Micro Wallet: Faucetpay

Claim Time (in min): 5 min

Earnings: Middle

Captcha: Yes

Payout: 0.00000150 BTC

Currencies: Bitcoin

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Get-Bitcoin Review – What is Get-Bitcoin?

Get-Bitcoin is a Faucet and you can earn Bitcoins there. Get-Bitcoin allows you to earn money with different interesting features like Faucets, PTC (Pay to Click), Offerwalls, Achievements, Contests and Short Links.

The minimum amount to withdraw is only 200 Satoshi, which means you only need a few days to earn enough money to withdraw Bitcoin to your wallet or FaucetPay.

How can I earn Bitcoin at Get-Bitcoin?


You can claim every 5 minutes from the Faucet at Get-Bitcoin, but that’s not great. Paying is average, there are some better faucets but also many worse faucets.

Whenever you use their Faucet you will toss and the higher your number the more Bits you win. Bits is a currency used only by Get-Bitcoin and about 3 Bits is 1 Satoshi at current Bitcoin price.

You will earn Bits for everything you do at Get-Bitcoin and can exchange them for Bitcoin. You also always see the value of your Bits in Bitcoin.

Visit Shortlinks

Get-Bitcoin also provides a lot of short links for you to earn Bitcoins. As usual, you have to settle for a short link and easily earn some Satoshi.

The reward for each short link depends on the link and it ranges between 4 and 24 Bits. While writing this article, there are 64 short links available per day, if you solve all of them you will get 840 Bits. So you can easily earn more than 200 Satoshi per day.


The “PTC” section is basically the Surfing Ads section where you view the advertiser’s Site. After you wait a few seconds you have to complete the Captcha and then you get 2 to 4 Bits, after the timer runs out you will be redirected to the advertiser’s website.

Rewards and bonuses

A very cool way to earn Bitcoin at Get-Bitcoin is their Rewards and Bonuses. If you do something on Get-Bitcoin like “20 faucet claims” or “10 short links”.

You will get some Bits as a reward, it’s a good idea and motivates users to interact with Get-Bitcoin.

What about the referral system?

If you refer someone to Get-Bitcoin, you will receive a commission of 10% of all faucet requests. You also get 10% of their earnings from offerwall, 5% from short-link earnings and 25% from PTC Ads.

Get-Bitcoin also offers different memberships. The better your membership, the more you can earn, but it won’t be worth it without a lot of referrals. Because if you become a member you earn more from your referral link and without any referral you lose money.

If you just want to claim from their faucet, you shouldn’t invest your money in membership. You can still withdraw your money, even as a free member.

Our Conclusion for Get-Bitcoin

Get-Bitcoin has some pretty cool ideas like rewards and bonuses and it also offers a lot of different earning methods. If you want to spend a lot of time earning Bitcoin, Get-Bitcoin is the right place for you.

Get-Bitcoin is a good site and we can recommend it to friends who want to spend a few minutes a day to earn some Bitcoins.

The only thing I can’t understand about Get-Bitcoin is their low commission for referrals. It’s really a bad idea, because the more users the site has, the more money the owner makes.

But the incentive to refer people to Get-Bitcoin is really low if you make little money from it. If Get-Bitcoin upgrades their payouts a bit and their referral commissions are as well, we are sure that it will be a really good Faucet in the future. Right now, it’s just average.

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