Rating: 4.0

Operator: Unknown

Country: Panama

Language: English

Start: 2017

Total Payouts: 43

Referral: 1 Level (20%)

Micro Wallet: Faucetpay

Claim Time (in min): 25 min

Earnings: Middle

Captcha: Yes

Payout: 0.00001 BTC

Currencies: Bitcoin , Litecoin , Ethereum , Dogecoin , Bitcoin Cash, BitTorrent , Tron , USDT

Screenshot Website Faucetcrypto

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What is Faucetcrypto?

First impressions of Faucetcrypto are really good. As soon as you log in for the first time, you’ll see a mini Tutorial that explains everything you need to know.

Some other Faucets also have these type of instructions, but Faucetcrypto does it perfectly. They tell you the most important information without any unnecessary frills.

That way, you learn what you need to know and you can still explore the site and try things out. It was a great introduction.

As soon as you complete the short tutorial, you will see your Dashboard. Faucetcrypto looks really good and you can easily navigate through the site.

The site isn’t full of ads, but there’s a really annoying redirect to another site, which doesn’t open in a new tab. That means you have to press “Back” in your browser all the time. But aside from these annoying ads, the site is really intuitive and easy to use.

How can you earn Bitcoin at Faucetcrypto?


You can request from their Faucet. You need to wait 25 minutes between each claim. If you want to request, you have to wait about 15 seconds. Then you can claim your Coins.

Ptc Ads

PTC ads are another good method to earn some Bitcoins. You have to click on an ad and wait about 15 seconds. Then you are redirected to the new page and you have to wait again for 16 to 40 seconds.

The window needs to be in focus all the time, which makes it really tedious. The payment is not very good either.


If you decide to do some short links, you also have to wait 15 seconds before being redirected to the short link. It’s only a small amount of time, but whatever you do, you have to wait. That makes Faucetcrypto really boring and annoying.

To complete you select Complete Link, a new window will open, you need to see all the ads after the timeout.


It’s a really cool idea and motivates you to do some extra PTC Ads or Shortlinks every day, to get your daily or weekly achievements. It’s fun and offers you some nice bonus Coins.

For your daily activity you will receive small gifts at Faucetcrypto. Depending on the type and level of your activities, the gifts also vary. This feature is really very pleasant.


There are also some Offerwalls, but they are nothing special. It’s a bit weird, that you can only use the Offerwalls if you are level 20, but you can easily reach level 20 in a few days. We don’t know why you have to level up before you can use them. It’s a weird decision from Faucetcrypto.

Do you get referral commission from Faucetcrypto

Of course you get a commission. You get 20 % of everything your referral owns. He doesn’t earn less, you get it as a bonus directly from Faucetcrypto.

You can boost this with items, if you want. But before you buy an item and use it, do the math and calculate, if it’s worth it for you. Else it can happen, that you pay more for the item than you earn with it.

Our conclusion for Faucetcrypto

It’s a great site with some really unique ideas. That would be a cool and awesome site, if they decide to remove the 15 second timeout, whenever you want to do a task or request from Faucet.

Especially since the window needs to be in focus at all times. It makes it really annoying and boring to use, because no one likes to watch a countdown timer continuously. This is a really big downside of Faucetcrypto.

Payment Proof Faucetcrypto

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