Rating: 3.0

Operator: CryptoWin

Country: USA

Language: English

Start: 2018

Total Payouts: 1

Referral: 50%

Micro Wallet: Faucetpay

Claim Time (in min): 15 min

Earnings: Middle

Captcha: Yes

Payout: automatically

Currencies: Bitcoin

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Cryptowin Review – What is Cryptowin?

Cryptowin is a Faucet and you can earn Bitcoin there. You can also invest your Bitcoin in it to get interest. The domain is registered since 2018 in California, USA.

The site works really well. There aren’t too many ads and we didn’t encounter annoying pop-ups or background ads.

The minimum amount to withdraw is only 200 Satoshi, which means you only need a few days to earn enough money to withdraw Bitcoin to your wallet or to FaucetPay.

How can you earn Bitcoin at Cryptowin?


You can claim from it every 15 minutes and currently, you get 1 to 4 Satoshi randomly. No short links and no annoying capchas to claim, just a simple capcha.

Just solve it and you will get instant rewards. As a bonus, you also get 1 Lottery ticket every time you claim it.

View Ads

Cryptowin also offers some great PTC Ads, the payouts are not huge. Click only one ad, click Start and wait a few seconds. As soon as the timer goes down to 0, you will receive your Bitcoins.

No need for capcha or other pesky stuff. Like this, PTC Ads are really easy to do. The rewards can be a bit higher, but since they are so easy to do, they are still worth your time.

Lottery Tickets

One lottery ticket costs 1 Satoshi, if you want to buy them individually. On average, the first prize is quite high, you get about 300000 Satoshi.


Offerwalls are another way to earn Bitcoin, but they are nothing special. Most Faucets provide Offerwalls.

The unique thing about Cryptowin is that you need to earn a few Satoshi first, before you can access the Offerwall.

How high is the referral commission?

Cryptowin really excels in referral commissions. You get 50% from every Faucet claim, 2% on every share you buy referred, 10% on every PTC Promotion and 10% on every task from Offerwall

That is really cool and you should recommend your friends to join Cryptowin. But explain to them why they shouldn’t buy shares and invest in Cryptowin.

If you refer Cryptowin to your friends and then they get scammed, they will be very angry with you. It is understandable.

By the way, you get the commission directly from Cryptowin. Your referrals don’t earn less, it’s a bonus for you.

Conclusion for Cryptowin

Cryptowin is a beautiful website with awesome PTC Ads. It’s really easy to use and earning Bitcoins at Cryptowin is a fun experience.

Sadly, the investment possibilities are really sketchy and you should not buy Stocks at Cryptowin. I’m sure that someday in the future, Cryptowin will scam people, but for now, it’s safe to use.

Withdraw your money as soon as you can and you’re good to go. You can easily withdraw money to FaucetPay every few days, so feel free to do so. Don’t let your Bitcoin accumulate at Cryptowin.

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