Rating: 4.0

Operator: brudracz

Country: USA

Language: English

Start: 2019

Total Payouts: 10

Referral: 1 Level (5%)

Micro Wallet: Faucetpay

Claim Time (in min): 10 min

Earnings: Low

Captcha: Yes

Payout: 0.00000500 BTC to Faucetpay 0.00020000 directly to your wallet

Currencies: Bitcoin

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Coinadster Review – What is Coinadster?

Coinadster is a Faucet and you can earn Bitcoin there. Coinadster allows you to earn money with different interesting features like Faucet, PTC (Pay to Click), Offerwalls, Achievements, Contests and Short Links.

How can you earn Bitcoin at Coinadster?


First of all, you can use Faucet at Coinadster to earn Bitcoin. You can claim 10 minutes at a time, but there is an incentive hour each day.

While happy hour goes on, you can claim every minute. When you claim, you roll and get a random number between 1 and 99999.

The higher your number, the more Bits you get. 10 Bits is 1 Satoshi, keep that in mind. Most of the time, you get 7.00 Bits on a reel, but 20% of the time, you get 22 Bits or more on a reel.

Shorten links

Coinadster also offers Short Links. The reward for each short link depends on the link and it varies between 40 and 22 Bits. While writing this, there are 54 shortlinks available per day, if you solve them all you will get 916Bits. So you can easily earn more than 100 Satoshis every day.


The “PTC” section is basically the Surfing Ads section where you view the advertiser’s Site. After you wait for a few seconds you have to complete a Captcha and then you get 15 to 20 Bits, after the timer runs out you will be redirected to the advertiser’s website.

Coinadster Offerwalls

The “OfferWall” section allows you to earn Bitcoin by doing their 3rd party Offers & Tasks.

Most of the Offers & Tasks you participate in will not pay you immediately to avoid fraud. The OfferWall Provider will pay you once they have checked that the Offer was completed correctly.


“Achievements” are rewards that you can collect if the required goal is achieved. There are different Achievements like Faucet Claims, Short Links, offers and Referrals.


Coinadster has three different Contests running. They run a Referral Contest, Narrative Contest, and a Short Link Contest. The more of them you have, the more you can win at the end of the month.

How high is the referral commission?

Coinadster offers a membership system. If you pay them monthly, you can upgrade your membership. Then you earn more from their Faucet and from other methods. You also earn more from your Referrals.

Without a membership, you earn 5% of the total amount you refer. 5% is really not much and even if you refer a lot of people and upgrade your membership to the highest plan available, you still only get 20% commission.

That’s not much, and we don’t recommend upgrading your membership. Even if you are really active, it won’t be worth your money.

Our Conclusion for Coinadster

Coinadster is a low-income site, the site does well. You can claim every 10 minutes and PTC ads also work well, but the payout is too low.

We can only recommend Coinadster if you want to use some extra Faucet every day after you’ve used the best Faucet available, but otherwise it’s not really worth your time.

Payment Proof Coinadster

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