Instructions for installing the Coins98 Faucetlist script

In this tutorial I will guide you step by step to install Coins98 Faucetlist Script on your server, but first let me say thank you for downloading Coins98 Faucetlist Script

Select a domain name

To get started you need hosting + domain name. I advise you to never choose free hosting as they are limited, I recommend Hostinger or Namecheap services. If you are in Vietnam, you can choose Azdigi hosting service.

Uploads Coins98 Faucetlist Script

Go to your cPanel then navigate to File Manager then upload the script.

Create a database

Then go to the MySQL® Databases folder create a new database and upload the lists.sql file.

Next you go to the directory application/config/tungnguyen.php

The first is baseUrl: This is your domain name

Next is the database: This is your database name

Next is the username: This is the username of the database

Next is the password: This is the password of the database

Basic Faucetlist Configuration

Here you can change the name of your website or change the description of the website

Advanced Faucetlist config

Next you can change the API update time or add some ads.

As you can see below, some websites use your Faucetpay wallet address as a referral link. So you need to enter the wallet address that you have linked to the Faucetpay wallet.

There are currently some faucets that give you a unique referral link, so you'll need to find the faucets ID to change. There are 2 ways to find the faucet ID.

First way is to inspect the source code in your browser. Typically you can either right click on name of faucet, then click "Inspect"

Second way is to hover your mouse over the faucet name in your browser, the id will appear.

For the unique referral link, you will need to login to the site and copy it.

You now have a faucet ID and a referrer. You can add in admin page.

  • Faucet ID is Faucet ID
  • The url is your referral link

If you want to remove the site from the list you can add the faucet ID to Skips

Add post

You can add in order like the image below

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