Instructions for installing the Coins98 Faucet Lite script

In this guide I will guide you step by step to install Coins98 Faucet Lite on your server, but first let me say thank you for downloading Coins98 Faucet Lite

Select a domain name

To get started you need hosting + domain name. I advise you to never choose free hosting as they are limited, I recommend Hostinger or Namecheap services. If you are in Vietnam, you can choose Azdigi hosting service.

Uploads Coins98 Faucet Lite

Go to your cPanel then navigate to File Manager then upload the script.

Create a database

Then go to the MySQL® Databases folder create a new database and upload the tungnguyen.sql file.

Next you go to the directory application/config/tungnguyen.php

The first is baseUrl: This is your domain name

Next is the database: This is your database name

Next is the username: This is the username of the database

Next is the password: This is the password of the database

After saving the tungnguyen.php file access your faucet through a browser

You can login to the admin page with the password admin and admin. This password you can change after you successfully log in.

Faucet settings

In this section you need to create a faucet at Faucetpay to receive your API key.

  • Faucet Name: Your faucet name
  • Faucet Description: Describe your faucet
  • API key: You get from Faucetpay after successful faucet creation
  • Timer: How many minutes apart can a user claim from your faucet
  • Referral: The percentage of the reward to give the user referral
  • Rewards: Set how much you want to give to user upon completion

Security Settings

  • Captcha limit failed: Users are banned if they make too many captcha fails in a row.
  • Captcha: This is your main captcha. Choose recaptcha or solvemedia or hcaptcha.
  • Iphub API, ProxyCheck API: Use to block users who are using VPN or Proxy

Advertisement Settings

  • Custom CSS: Add your custom css code here
  • Header Code: Add code to <head>
  • Footer Code: Add code to </body>

Faucet Shortlinks

Using Off Links on your faucet is the main source of income so I really spent a lot of time making this field as productive and diverse as possible.

You can see more list of best short link website here.

If you have any questions please contact me by email:

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